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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 10, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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barbecue by the pool. it is. make your plans. get the barbecue fired up and going. the view outside this morning from our tower camera. all the early morning fog is gone. from our tower looking out, tysons corner in the distance. that's more than ten miles from point a to b. 80 at national airport. going to be a warm day today. already 82 in annapolis. 71 degrees in rockville. for today, downtown, sunny and warm. 87 degrees for today. then tomorrow, clouds on the increase, may be a chance for a late p.m. shower but looking more and more of taking the rain chance out of your late monday but leaving it on your tuesday. when the rain drops end in a few minutes. a living memorial going up at the national mall. it is called the living wall of honor. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from the mall. it's right by the world war ii memorial. what's going on?
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>> good morning. there's some appropriateness to this bogey where it is. oday is actually the spirit of 45 day. it was created by an act of congress back in 2012 to honor the everyday heros, the everyday heros of the world war ii heros. rosie is here. just the families, stateside that worked toward the war effort. behind us now is an effort to bridge that era with the post-9/11 era. this is going to be a living memorial, made up of thousands of flowers donated by home depot. what you can see, probably can't make it out, figures reaching over from the depiction of the iwo jima memorial to a family, civilian family, and the flowers represent a bridge between those two eras. that's what this is all about here today. hundreds of volunteers signed up to install the flowers and groups represented here from the military as well as civilian back grounds we've talked to someone from one of the civilian organizations represented here.
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>> what we want to do is bridge the civilian/military divide so this will help to do that as people come to washington, d.c., and see the living memorial and are able to actually interact with it. so we're excited about that. >> now once this is complete there's going to be ceremonies and move it over to the grounds or near arlington cemetery at the entrance where you have the women in service memorial expected to stay there until september 11th and remain a living memorial to an era that now stretches from world war ii to present day america. we're live on the mall, derrick ward news 4, back to you. >> thanks. u.s. military action in iraq could go on for months against the islamic militant group isis. the u.s. dropped four more bombs on the group who military leaders say were firing on civilians taking shelter in the sinjar mountain range. they are a religious minority and president obama said isis wants to wipe them out.
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the bombs destroyed multiple armored cars and a truck. on the mountains they are surviving thanks to new supplies of food and water dropped overnight. take a look. this is new video of a british military drop just hours before u.s. planes made a similar delivery. about 40,000 people are stranded on mount sinjar and overnight the united nations called on iraqi leaders to come together to bring the crisis to an end. now we're going to be joined by "meet the press" moderator david gregory in a few minutes to talk about the president's plan and then you can watch complete coverage of the crisis and the country's many concerns abroad coming up next at 10:30 on "meet the press." new this morning, three-time nascar champion tony stewart says he will race today. this is less than 24 hours after he hit and killed another driver. police say he is not under criminal investigation. yesterday he was in a dirt track race when another driver spun out, that driver got out of his car and walked on to the track and when stewart hit sim sent
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him flying 50 feet. today's race begins at 1:00 this afternoon. >> the next time you go to the casino you will be able to use a million dollar slot machine. maryland live will open the slot machine next saturday night. a lot of big prizes to win. the payout can be 10, 50, or $100,000. however to bet on the machine you need to pony up $500 every time. a lot of money. >> sure is. >> thinking about betting real big in atlantic city it's not the same place it used to be. >> harry smith tells us how the city is struggle and what it is doing to reinvent itself. >> reporter: strolling down atlantic city's aralon mm'saytois sp r salatfy. nearby, kids play in the surf. donald johnson knows there's something wrong, he works 16 hour days and has done so for seven years. >> the tourists here for obvious reasons, canopoinupll over the country.
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>> reporter: three of the city's dozen casinos will be closed by this fal a fourth is in trouble looking for a buyer. at stake more than 8,000 jobs. in office just six months, mar don guardian knows the city rode its bet on gambling far too long. >> how hard a hit is your town taking right now? >> it'sicing a very hard hit. this is a town where all o eggs were in one basket. >> reporter: gambling was legalized in atlantic city in 1976. it was supposed to be thent dote to decades of decline. >> overnight there's goi t gold in the stree. >> reporter: like theoo days lured by sea breezes and novelties of the boardwalk atlantic city reached itpe of popularity during prohibition, an era of decadence captured in "boardwalk empire." >> take it easy, fella. >> but all of that was a distant memory by the time the s arrived. even as the gleaming towers rose, some neighborhoods still struggled.
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there were a lot of streets that gambling gold didn't reach and once again, people here, like club owner eric millstein worry. >> every day, you're nervous. you worry about the lack o empymt atoueaabt. you worry about the casinos being os a h is in to negatively affect your business or if you're even nex >> report: e yosa h town is already reinven itself you as it has in the past. it won't be easy. it never has been. harry smith, nbc news, atlantic city. and some of those out-of-work employees could soon be in our area. with the new mgm resort opening at national harbor lots of casino jobs and revenue happening here. maryland live casino went to new jersey to discover some new employees. >> not just diners and grills participating in restaurant week. a growing company in d.c., also trying to get in on those deals. >> also we're going to have the
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study that's encouraging you, you women out there, to possibly change your behavior at work. more ahead on "news 4 today." sure... hey canyou bet! this? that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall.
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dunkin's chicken biscuit sandwich is a tender breaded chicken filet on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. a new study is encouraging women to exercise traditionally what they call mail traits at work. a michigan university study says women should exaggerate masculine traits to get ahead. alleges recruiters prefer assertiveness, independence and ambition which they assume are male traits. recruiters race those traits higher than warmth, support and nurturie ining qualities. restaurant week returns, that's in the week ahead. it begins tomorrow, runs through next sunday. more than 200 restaurants all over our region are offering lunches for over $20. dinners for about $35. you can preregister. good luck getting a spot at the
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popular places. if you want to go some you've never been uber is offering all week. it will get you two free rides to get to dinner and home again. >> love playing scrabble new words are coming your way. >> a lot of new words. take a look at the list being added to the scrabble players dictionary tomorrow. texter, bromance, hashtag, selfie, one word geocache was voted in by many of you in a facebook contest that ran in may. the new words will add 40 pages to the scrabble dictionary. >> never gotten into the words with friends and scrabble. >> really? >> never played scrabble? >> the actual scrabble but not the digital version. >> another word we didn't mention on there is one of my favorite words we use at home, clil.a.x. i was surprised to see that made it. >> how many points is that? >> i have no idea.
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still playing candy land. kids are 3. >> simpler. >> this morning an important message for those of you who drive a volkswagen. >> the recall information that may prevent you from a costly accident later. >> we're hearing from chuck. he says it might change or he might change his forecast and take out a chance for rain. we're not complaining. what to expect as you head back to work. your seven-day forecast from storm team 4. that's coming up next.
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developments in iraq. only add to a number of foreign policy challenges. right now for the obama administration, right now isis continues to make progress in the country. >> it is aiming for the largest christian city enforcing thousands to flee to a mountain without food or water. david gregory joining us. a lot of issues to get to. we start with what's going on in iraq right now. the president addressed it yesterday. questions the timeline. let's hear what he had to say. >> we're not moving our embassy any time soon, not moving our consulate any time soon and that means that given the challenging security environment, we're going to maintain vigilance and ensure our people are safe. the most important timetable is the iraqi government getting formed and finalized. >> all right. and that same press conference, the president telling the american public we're not going to have full involvement in iraq as far as ground troops are concerned. but is that really possible to
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keep out? >> well, it's certainly possible and i think the president's resolute about that primarily because it's his view it wouldn't work. this is an iraqi government problem. what he alluded to there is important which is he wants to force the iraqi government to change, to fundamentally change. get a new prime minister. and to be unified enough to be able to get the kurds and other sunnis to fight this terrorist threat that is only growing because of how politically disaffected a lot of these sunnis are, not just in iraq but syria as women. the president has all those -- syria as well. he has this growing terrorist threat that has to be dealt wits to be dealt with militarily. that's why he's launching these air strikes because they're gaining ground quickly. this thing cannot grow and continue to grow without being a real threat to america and america here not gujust to our forces or interests there. >> americans, they don't really care what's going on over there, but they over there care about
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what's going on in america and i do want to ask you, though, the big question out there is what if we are unsuccessful? yesterday the president appeared very confident in securing this and taking on the new threat right now. the immediate threat of all of this. but we -- he also admitted that they understimtsds the threat of isis in the end. >> i just -- the question is how long does the bombing campaign continue. at the moment they're thinking in smaller steps. they don't want the kurds to lose. they want to back the kurds in the north of iraq to defeat eyes sis -- isis and stop its spread. i don't believe that the administration is contemplating ground forces to do that. they're mostly thinking about how much political pressure can they apply on iraq to sort of save itself. >> you have a lot of issues coming up in the show today. a lot of folks obviously going to want to pay close attention. catch david on "meet the press" right after this program, 10:30
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here on nbc 4. >> thanks, david. palestinian negotiators have accepted a 72 hour truce. they say it's up to israel to accept. israeli negotiators left cairo two days ago. palestinians say if they don't return today then the talks are over. this new deal could help lead to a long-term cease-fire. israel says they won't send representatives back to the table until gaza stops firing rockets. volkswagen of america is recalling more than 150,000 cars. >> yeah. more than one problem going on with volkswagen cars. the suvs made from 2009 to 2014 being recalled because they can stall unexpectedly. gas bubbles in the fuel pumps causes the cars to shut off. 2009 routan calls being recalled because of the ignition switches. here's the problem it comes down to the key chain, how much stuff you have on it can cause the switch to move or shut off. if that happens it can disable the car's air bags, power steering and power braking.
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starting today, your taxi driver in montgomery county will be part of a union. drivers say that work -- that they work 16 hours a day and paid less than minimum wage and also losing business to ride sharing companies. groups like uber and lift. today about 1,000 drivers will announce their affiliation with the national taxi workers allowance. that group represents drivers in prince george's county. >> a check of that forecast. meteorologist chuck bell back with us. >> hi. >> i think you're going to like the changes i've made to the forecast. >> okay. you worked your magic. >> i took the bowling ball off my key chain. peered into the crystal ball. nice day. really going to be a little more optimistic about today. i had a 95% chance of dry today. i can't give you the 100. i wish i could give you the 100% ave just enough daytime heating and moisture today where there's the slimmest little chance of a shower today. by and large, don't be canceling
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any plans because of it. outside it is filled with sunshine right now. wind is eventually going to come back to the southeast by later on today. that's a moist air flow for us. as a result, there could be a little bubble up of a shower or two. by and large, i think this is the way most of your sunday is going to look. blue skies out there for now. we will develop a bit of a cloud field out there as well with the daytime heating. 80 degrees now at national airport and for the first time in many, many hours, east at three miles per hour, the wind calm since 3:00 this morning. the east to southeast wind is starting to set up shop. annapolis has cooled down three degrees in the last hour because the wind is coming off the water. meanwhile we've warmed up in washington, warmed up in the shenandoah valley and blue ridge, 72 in charleston. front royal 70, toms brook, strassberg in the low 70s. no rain showing up on storm team 4 radar and the rain drops that are closest to us still way down here across the southern parts
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of the shenandoah valley. that is probably the best chance of seeing a little rain today. mount jackson, luray, rap pa hannic, culpepper in the most danger of having that 1 or 2% rain chance, in and around town. i don't think that's going to add up to much. sunday afternoon, hour by hour, mostly sunny, 85 at 1:00, 87 at 3:00, and 88 degrees by 5:00. also a change. i moved the high temperature up a smidgen as well. sunday partly cloudy 79 degrees at 7:00 and back down into the low 70s by 11:00. good viewing for the full moon. our super moon. the full moon occurs around 2:00 this afternoon. the moon doesn't come up until 7:56 tonight. so shutter bugs get your cameras ready to go. be looking to the northeast sky at 7:56. the biggest full moon of the year. it's about 750 miles closer now than the last full moon in july was.
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tomorrow back to work for a lot of folks. a sunny and nice start. temperatures in the 60s in the morning. low to mid 80s by lunch time and mostly cloudy sky back in the upper 70s. rain out of monday evening, looks like rain chances will be later and later. our future weather forecast, dry around the area really for today. then into tomorrow, a dry start. 6:00 on monday morning. tomorrow afternoon here come the clouds back in. partly to mostly cloudy by 6:00. first chance for rain, 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. looks like the tuesday morning ride into work will be wet. rain with thunderstorms embedded off and on through much of tuesday afternoon into tuesday night as well. and then hopefully able to get all of that out of here by wednesday. all right. a lot of folks packing the suntan lotion and packing the station wagon, headed out to the beaches for their week of vacation. it's going to be a great week at the beach. perfect weather today and tomorrow. only with tuesday and maybe wednesday has any bit of a rain threat out there.
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no matter where you live in the mid-atlantic or traveling to, wednesday night, thursday, friday, saturday into next weekend look amazing once again. >> we should stress for folks visiting this is typical august in d.c. >> that's right. the way it always is. >> thanks. >> how an iconic figure is taking his im man to help keep your attention. >> and keep it here for press pass this morning after "meet the press." an in depth conversation with some of the biggest newsmakers. see "press pass" at 11:30 on nbc 4. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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smoky bear's iconic message is all over twitter today. >> as he celebrated his 70th birthday this weekend he became a social media hit. nbc's halle jackson shows how smoky stay relevant these years. ♪y the bear >> reporter: spanning generations but through itll his message has raid e same. ♪ because everybody knows that he's the fire preventi b >> reporter: these days he's adapting his message to a medium on-line. to selfies and bear hug hash tags, smoky seems more approachable. >> just as he went from print and radio to tevionhe' now moving on-line because he has to be where the audience is. >> reporter: it all began in 1944. >> hello there, folks.
10:26 am
this is smoky. >> reporter: smoky named after new york firefighter smoky joe martin who was hurt during a 1922 fire rescue. there was an actual smoky bea in 1950, a bear survived a wildfire by climbing a tree, becoming the smoky mascot. over the years with more and more wildfires, the campaign widened its focus. almost all of us know that slogan and this face, right, smoky? the ad council says 96% of americans recognize smoky bear. because most wildfires are started by peoplli t on at this forest almost five years ago, smoky's handlers are not letting up ohicria campgn. western states are dealing with the worst wildfire as i decades. while lightning and severe drought sometimes contributes statistics show humans are blame for nine out of ten wildfires. halle jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> well, we want to share this
10:27 am
is just in, learning that nascar driver tony stewart will not race in today's nascar race after being involved in a deadly crash that happened last night. >> look for more on and, of course, we're goi to have a full recap of that, at 6:00. meantime "meet the press" up next here. you can wake up with us monday morning beginning at 4:26. >> an enjoy the beautiful day after some wonderful tweaking. >> that's right. >> chuck bell saying it's going to be nice. going to end on a good note. >> all right. >> have a great day, everyb
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next o "meet the press." as president obama vacations on martha's vineyard, the dog days of summer have turned into a new phase of america's war in iraq. u.s. air strikes now targeting isis militants. how does the u.s. avoid in a country that was stable when they left. plus, hillary clinton weighs in. exclusive new details on how she's distancing herself from president obama's foreign policy. and impeachment talk is here in d.c. once again. two key players in the fight over the impeachment of president clinton. newt gingrich and forme


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